Collaborative Leadership Path

In this Collaborative Leadership Path, you will learn the concepts and develop skills to become a good manager. Leading teams is an art and only the best can inspire, join forces and talents and thus achieve success.

How the Path works

The Collaborative Leadership Path is built on 2 fundamental pillars,
e-Learning and Co-development..
E-Learning consists of 6 e-learning modules:

• Fundamentals of Management
• Motivation
• Trust
• Authority and influence
• Delegation
• Conflict management

O Co-development is a tool for capitalizing on collective intelligence, whose objective is learning from peers. It consists of sessions lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, bringing together groups of 6 to 8 people, always accompanied by a Facilitator, trained in the Co-development method.

Whoever takes the Collaborative Leadership Path will be invited to participate in 6 Co-development sessions with other participating managers, whether from the same company or from different companies.

About the Collaborative Leadership Path

This Path was created combining all the author's professional experience, with its exclusive training methodology. Gathering lessons and information over the 25 years working in the HR area and also as an internal and external Coach in large groups in Europe, Africa, and Brazil. The Path was created to help professionals become team managers. There is no room for improvisation or inefficient leading. Managing a team requires adequate preparation, especially considering that the competitiveness in the market is high, so success must be achieved in the first attempt. With this program, you will become able to take on teams and lead them to good results.


Managing people is an art that can be learned with excellence. Results depend on how teams are managed, led and conflicts resolved. Many specialists/experts/technicians are promoted to the position of Manager as a reward for expertise and results. The vast majority have difficulties to assume this managerial role (sometimes of their own team), with serious consequences at a personal level, such for example, the development of low self-esteem. And at the professional level, they promote team disruption and bring productivity down.

This Path provides the fundamental learning to act as a Manager, in addition to the opportunity to integrate into a network of connections and sharing of experiences.


• Monitor employees who wish to acquire the fundamentals of Management to identify and incorporate new behaviors expected from a Manager.

• Accompany the Manager so that he/she can delegate certain activities, freeing up time for strategic reflections, and also being able to awaken the initiative and creativity in his/her employees.

• Accompany the participant so that he/she learns to reinforce his/her power of influence through his/her posture and to use his/her authority as a Manager, without being authoritarian.

• Accompany the participant in discovering how to be perceived as trustworthy, how to inspire trust, and how to restore missing trust.

• Accompany the participant in
a) identification of their natural reflexes to deal with conflicts to better control them;
b) identification of latent conflicts;
c) experimenting with new constructive ways to manage conflicts when necessary.

• Accompany the participant to adapt their motivation strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can study all modules sequentially, as recommended, but you can also choose to start with the Main Module, which is the Fundamentals of Management and study the Complementary Modules at another time.

Because the monitoring has multimedia resources with videos, audio, and web conferencing, we recommend that you conduct the training in an environment with Wi-Fi, so that your connection is more stable. You will be able to do it via tablet and smartphone and we recommend in this case that you access it through the application that will be indicated to you upon registration.

This training is self-taught and therefore, exclusive monitoring must be requested in an additional way. However, we suggest that you participate in the Co-development program, which connects professionals for the exchange of knowledge and experiences. It is the best way to see new perspectives, share, and grow through this type of monitoring.

What are the differentials of this formation?

The Path was built based on real experience as Manager of multicultural teams and based on the author's role as Coach of leaders and teams, also multicultural. Check out the 3 main differentials of this Formation:


To learn to be a good manager it is not enough to incorporate theory, it is necessary to share your difficulties with colleagues in the same situation and benefit from collective intelligence to learn new ways of acting.


6 complementary modules are available for the training of excellence. It is possible to study them separately, at your own pace, thus seeking the most efficient absorption of knowledge:

  • Management Basics
  • Motivation
  • Trust
  • Authority and influence
  • Delegation
  • Conflict management


The training is structured to present real cases and situations to stimulate the production of ideas. Thus, each one will be able to develop their managerial skills and produce their knowledge to act with more personality.